Finishing Services

Take your prints
to the next level...

Screen Printed Transfers
While not as cost effective as directly printing labels into garments, screen print transfers are much more versatile. They provide crisp clean lines and can be used across a much wider range of apparel.
Woven Labels
Woven labels allow for a fairly high level of detail, (more so than embroidery) and can be produced to your specifications in regards to size and purpose.

The labels can be stitched into the garments in a number of positions giving the finished item an altogether more complete look.
Printed Labels
Cheaper to produce than their woven alternatives, printed labels give you the same options but allow for more detailed artwork. The labels are digitally printed and can be fully coloured to include tints, gradients and even photographic artwork
Direct Printed Labels
The most cost effective method to produce labels is direct printing. The process is fast and just as effective as other methods but is recommended only for certain garments.
Folding & Bagging
As part of the service all suitable garments will be supplied folded and bundled, usually into 10s. We also provide a bagging service as an optional extra