Screen Print

For the most vibrant professional finish
Screen printing is the process of pushing ink through a customised mesh
(the screen) to lay down a colour onto the fabric or substrate beneath.

Each colour used in the design requires its own screen. Multi coloured designs
are printed laying the colours down in sequence that come together to create
the final design.

Screen printing gives the most vibrant, long lasting colours and is the preferred
choice when retail quality results are paramount.

Due to the intial set up costs , Screen Printing is recommended for larger quantity
runs that offset these. However, if your design is a simple one colour print in one
position then you could consider a minimum of 25 prints.
In addition to our standard inks, (phthalate free, plastisol), we
offer a range of alternative inks that give special effects to the finished design.


Discharge is not so much of an ink as it is a bleaching agent. The design is created by taking the colour dye out of the garment and leaving a much lighter fabric, that feels absolutely soft to the touch.
Discharge prints only work on Darker Coloured cotton fabric.


For creating beautiful hi shine silvers, golds Foiling is without equal. Foiling is the
second stage of a 2 part process. First the design is screen printed with a special foil adhesive and then the prints are repressed with the foil of your choice which leaves behind only the areas of your design in a stunning shimmery foil.


For extra vibrant Yellows, Greens, Pinks and Blues - our fluorescent inks will brighten your world.


If it is sparkle you want - it’s a bit of glitter you’ll need.
As standard practice your finished items will be folded and boxed.


In addition to this we offer a bagging service. Your garments are indiviudully folded neatly into a clear polythene sleeve, adding additional protection and a little more prestige for the recipient.


Most commonly used when items are to go for resale at an event or retail outlet. We can kimble tag each item with it’s own tag (either supplied by yourselves or by us).


Should you wish to barcode your tagged items we can arrange this.


For the ultimate finish we can create, supply and apply your own custom labels to your garments. There are several methods of doing this so please refer to our labeling page.