Finishing Service

For those wishing to go that extra step, LPS is pleased to offer our clients a variety of finishing services that will not only enhance the personalisation of the goods but save you a great deal of time and effort by not having to do it yourselves.

Folding & Bagging

In all cases of bulk printing we will fold your garments neatly and by size into boxes.

On request we will fold and bag your garments into clear polythene bags and if required add size labels to the bags for ease of sorting once the goods are with you.

If you require any special methods of packing the items we are happy to help. A clear description of your requirements is all we need.


The simplest and usually most cost effective way to produce inside-neck labels is to screen print your design as a simple one colour print.

For a more prestigeous finish we can produce woven labels which are then sewn into the garments by hand.

In some instances clients may wish to add loop fold labels as a secondary position.


Additional finesse can be achieved with a swing tag. A swing tag can carry a variety of additional use information about your business or promotion that would not be required as part of the decoration itself.

We can create the swing tags for you or you can supply them directly to us. Your desired items will be kimbled through an appropriate seem before being folded and neatly packaged according to requirements.

Barcoding / QR Codes.

If you need your items coded for sales purposes. The bar codes are usually applied to the swing tags in the appropriate position.